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Masonry is used in many types of construction due to its strength and longevity. The most common building materials used by masons are concrete blocks and bricks, but they will also use an array of other materials such as marble, glass blocks, granite, and limestone. These are bound together using mortar, and hollow blocks can be reinforced by filling them with rebar and concrete. Masonry is resilient and long-lasting. A properly built structure can have a very long lifespan. Aside from construction, a mason can also provide valuable repairs to damaged stone or brick walls and buildings.


Bricks are an incredibly resilient building material available in a vast number of styles, shapes, and colors. This allows for incredible variety in the appearance of finished walls and buildings. Bricks can present a uniform appearance but some masons will use different techniques to achieve an assortment of results. The texture of bricks can be changed to make them look aged or they can be burned to give them a more rustic appearance. Antique and salvaged bricks are commonly used to give a home an antique appearance. Masons will sometimes lay these bricks in a non-uniform style to achieve a more artistic or older look.


Stone is used in masonry both for structural and aesthetic reasons. The stone used can be dressed or rough. Stone is commonly seen in outdoor perimeter walls but is also found as a decorative element inside and around homes. There are many types of stone masonry including slipform stonemasonry, natural, and cultured stone veneers. Slipform is a reinforced concrete wall with a natural stone face. Veneers provide another option. Manufactured, cultured, and natural stone veneers can be installed over CMU and cast concrete walls. They give the appearance of stone but offer better structural integrity than just using stones and mortar.  

Concrete Block

Hollow tile blocks, solid concrete blocks, and cinderblocks are commonly referred to as Concrete Masonry Units (CMU). They are larger than bricks and have lower water absorption rates. They can be used to provide a base for veneered brick and are often used alone to build walls in industrial structures. The hollow blocks can be filled with concrete and reinforced with steel rebar if necessary. This creates a structural advantage over many other materials by providing strength and stability greater than that of brick walls. CMU walls are also faster to build than other options and can be the more economical choice.

Masonry Repair

Masonry is durable and resilient but can require repairs for a variety of reasons. Extreme fluctuations in weather can cause old mortar to chip away causing ricks and stones to become loose. Masonry contractors have the expertise and knowledge to replace or repair and rebuild damaged masonry in and around your home. When it comes to masonry, they have the skills to help you with whatever your needs may be. Contractors can match and replace broken bricks or stone blocks, repair chipped marble, or patch unsightly cracks. Masonry repair services commonly include tuckpointing, control joint repair, flashing repairs, and chimney repairs.

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