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Home improvement can involve a variety of services performed by qualified contractors. Roofing contractors will help preserve this vital part of your home. A siding contractor can help with weatherproofing and adding color to the exterior of your residence. Masons can install or repair beautiful stone and brick structures. Deck contractors can repair existing decks or can add valuable living space to your house.

Our experienced team is dedicated to aiding you with any home improvement project from building retaining walls to add a terraced look to your landscape, to  more intensive projects like fully remodeling or renovating your home.

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Home Improvement Yonkers And Westchester is ready and available to help you with your home improvement needs. Our contractors provide a variety of home improvement services to residents of our communities. These may include repairing siding, replacing a roof, installing a new deck, or repairing retaining walls and masonry. We have been offering home improvement services for several years and we aim to serve our communities while establishing lasting relationships with our clients. We understand the value of your investments and will do everything we can to help you protect them. Whether you need the services of a siding contractor, roofing contractor, deck contractor, we are ready and happy to help.

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Home Improvement Yonkers And Westchester is here to provide you with an array of home improvement services to help you preserve the value and integrity of your home. Our knowledgeable home improvement contractors possess years of acquired skills and expertise to help you with projects like renovating or remodeling your home, building a necessary addition, installing a new deck, or repairing an old one, and we can even replace your entire roof if that becomes necessary. We are invested in helping residents of our communities tackle a number of interior and exterior projects to ensure your homes last a long time.

Home Improvement
Services Westchester

Home improvement services can provide you with the necessary help to preserve, improve, and protect your home. There are a variety of reasons that could lead you to retain the services of home improvement contractors. Qualified contractors can easily handle interior projects such as updating plumbing or adding a new bathroom. They are also prepared to take care of exterior upgrades like adding a new deck, siding, and replacing retaining walls in your yard or garden.

Siding Services Westchester

Adding siding to your home can provide many benefits. Siding is made from lasting and resilient materials that will protect your home’s exterior from the elements and it is primarily used to weatherproof and add color to a house. Siding can protect exterior walls from rain, wind, and UV rays, helping extend the life of your house. Siding contractors will aid you in choosing the right color and style to fit your home and budget and will ensure it is expertly installed.

“We recently purchased a new home. Some of the brickwork was heavily damaged. The masons at Home Improvement Yonkers And Westchester repaired the wall and even replaced the loose and broken bricks. Now, you can’t tell that the damage ever existed.” – Erik Cavanuagh

Roofing Services Westchester

The roof on your home requires regular maintenance and service to make sure it lasts for its intended lifespan. Qualified roofing contractors can identify and repair small problems in your roof to preventing additional wear which can lead to leaks and other forms of damage. Roofing contractors also offer an array of repair services to help preserve one of the most costly and valuable components of your home. Our contractors have the training to handle everything from installation and repair, to complete replacement of seed or heavily damaged roofing.

Deck Services Westchester

Adding a deck to your home is a cost-effective way to increase the living space of your home. Deck contractors can install a new deck, offer regular maintenance, and can repair or replace worn and damaged areas. A skilled deck contractor can ensure that every step involved with installing or repairing a deck is properly executed. They have the training and techniques to build lasting and sturdy structures that can be enjoyed for many years.

“We have a big family with another child on the way. We were considering moving to a larger home but really wanted to stay in the house we have had for years. The contractors at Home Improvement Yonkers And Westchester suggested building an addition. This added space, saved us money, and allowing us to keep the family home.” – Janice Mariano

Retaining Wall
Services Westchester

Retaining walls are available in a few different styles and are often used in landscaping projects or to hold soil at steep slopes. They are commonly used to hold land back from roads cut into a hill or mountainside and in roadway overpasses. Retaining walls can be used to provide a barrier to keep land and water separated as you see with a seawall. Our contractors can install a variety of retaining walls to suit your needs.

Masonry Services Westchester

Due to the high durability and long life of masonry, it can be used in many types of construction. The most commonly used materials are brick and stone blocks that are held together with mortar. A properly constructed structure can have a long lifespan because of the resilience and durability of masonry. Masons can also provide vital repairs to damaged stone and brick structures, chimneys, stone veneers, and a variety of other materials used in the construction of walls and buildings.

“My family spends a lot of time in our yard. We decided to add a deck to our homes to make our outdoor spaces a bit more comfortable. The deck contractors helped us design the perfect deck for our homes before doing a fantastic job of installing it. Thanks! I love it.” – Peter Murphy

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We are here to help you tackle a vast number of projects around your home. Our experienced contractors are ready to help you by offering a variety of services to help you protect and add value to your residence. When it comes to home improvement, our skilled contractors are ready to help you reach your goals. We have a team of eager customer service representatives who are ready to inform you about the array of services our company provides. Our agents will gladly answer your questions and will work with you to find the right contractor to fit your needs. Please call us for information or to schedule an appointment.

We serve most of Westchester County, New York, including Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Bronxville, Eastchester, Hastings-on-Hudson, Dobbs Ferry, Scarsdale, Hartsdale, White Plains, Elmsford, Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown. 


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